What directions did you head with the podcast you have done?

I thought I would play a new type of sound I have been collecting lately, some slow worldly jams. 

Your one of the co founders of Pelican Villa a collective from Melbourne, tell us how you got started and some of your favourite events you’ve put on to date?

Pelican Villa is primarily a theme camp that we set up at Burning Seed, the Australian version of Burning Man.

We are always improving and refining what we do so I would say this years Pelican Villa at Rainbow Serpent has been the best experience yet. We also ran a 24 hour private warehouse party to fundraise for it. This year we will be focussing our energy just on open air and warehouse parties and continue the good vibe through these creative spaces.


What sort of sounds are influencing you most at the moment?

At the moment I am constantly on the search for the unique and unusual. Mostly downtempo funky rhythms and psychedelic soundscapes. Labels like Multi Culti, Voodoohop, Les Yeux Orange are really doing it for me.

How long have you been DJing for?

I actually decided to go in on buying some decks with some friends about 5 years ago, before I had any idea about DJing. I guess my interest grew from there and I have been properly collecting and playing music for the last two years.

Any up and coming local artists we should check out?

My housemate Mad Lucas is getting pretty good at producing his deep tech. Avery Kempken is working really hard developing his analog sound. Lebruh is always giving it all he's got.. And special mention to Luke Vecchio for dancing his ass off at Rainbow Serpent and every single time he plays. 

What events can we catch you at coming up?

The Universal Flux parties, Afternoon Delight monthly party at Hoo Haa and Pelican Villa's next warehouse party. I'm really looking forward to going up and playing at Rabbits Eat Lettuce again this year.


Imersao - Omkara
Blank & Jones - White Light
Nicolas Jaar - Leaves
Stavroz - Talabout
Peter Power - Jungle Voodoo
Geju - Niv
Luka - Pura Vida
Rodrigo Gallardo - Warmicaro
Marco Beltrami - The Three Burials Of Melqualiades (MiRET Edit)
Myeric - Die Kosemich Segnung  05
R Vincenzo - Cabras no Elvado Quiombola
Kurup - Vibra
Kota Karloza - Om (Viktop & Surreal Flight Remix)
Clarion - Ma Shiva
Oceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Nicola Cruz Remix)
Ibu Selva - Abstencia
Nicola Cruz - Sanction
Laci Kapalua - Icaro




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