What can we expect from the podcast you have done?

The mix consists of recent, original and remixed works. Some of which released, unreleased and soon to be released music and created from the perspective of an Australian tropical bush dance floor. 

An example of how a Timmus performance transcends; It begins with a comforting yet subtle warmth through melodic seduction, resonating frequencies of thankfulness and gratitude, each step of the journey enriched by the shuffle'n chug, feeling that bubble created, while the next bubble pops. Music that is constantly 'funkifying' itself throughout, leading to a series of emotional mood twists, always proceeding with a trusted forward thinking energy driven by the vision and suggestion of epiphany while simultaneously being nurtured so personally by a uniquely special and comfortable spiritual connection within the music. Your soul has a deep understanding of how and why this pathway has been created and its informative calibrating purpose. If you follow my drift, from friend to friend, we are all part of the same tribe. Boom! Namaste. 

What was your first musical memory as a child?

This particular memory I have always regarded as a blossom of integral importance and strong significance within this lifetime... My first musical memory would easily be, me as a lil' brown eyed/bowl cut country boy with a red skivvy, blue overalls and dirty puppy dog slippers. That was my type'a get up round that time. So, I remember walking from the house to the shed, where my older brother was jamming with his band at the time. They had a full rig cranking in there and were probably playing something inspired by The Doors, Nirvana or Radiohead. 

I was outside the shed, facing the lemon tree, sitting on a small bucket (normally used to collect rain water). In my hands I held my first guitar, a Valencia 1/4 nylon string (to this day, the body of that guitar, makes a pretty neat lil table in my studio hehe). So, all I can remember was that I had been experimenting a lot with how each string sounded on their own and strumming them with other strings and pressing my fingers randomly along the fretboard. The whole time I'm sitting there on the bucket, I zone in and out of what I'm doing. My brothers band continues to play and I can't hear any of their high frequencies, only a muffled bottom end and a little drumming. Then, a magical moment happened..! I heard a chord progression coming from the shed and one of the notes I recognised from the ones I had be strumming... I then wondered what the other two notes were... I thought hmmm.... I wonder if they were playing this...? I then strummed the 6th string twice on the 3rd fret, twice on the 2nd fret, followed by 4 strums of an open E, lifting my fingers completely off the fretboard. I played the same progression over and over, adding a rhythm, then adding lyrics…three lines, that I sang over and over. (If you want to know what those lyrics were, I'd be happy to tell you personally). 

Sometimes if someone asks you a significant question about your past, the significance of that question will empower you to paint such a detailed picture of that exact situation, in this case... This was the moment I wrote my first song.

Timmus Child

What is the main process behind the tunes you produce?

I believe my musical stories can be heard and experienced on many different levels because of the process in which I have taken to write them. A lot like the difference between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. The main process in the music that I create is to incorporate personally archived field recordings of real life, beauty, significance and experimentalism. I use a vessel that analytically and charismatically captures and documents the natural fluidity of things like vocal channel interceptions and humanoid instrumental embodiments. Some textures consist of such ultra raw characteristics and can only be used subtly or subliminally, which helps to insinuate a desired feel. 

The sounds the universe make are such a unique part of the natural world that many artists, scientists, sound mechanics, and uneducated adventurous, micro snippet enthusiasts, such as myself, love to collect, gather and manipulate. The various samples of recording found in each of my tracks are not only focused on audio contrast compatibilities but have been importantly married to every aspect of the original environments. The significance of emotional presence, when the partnering sounds took place, is like partnering & layering multiple slices of time using punctuation and language to help make sense of it... Or it's like collecting your favorite bunch of deceased scientists/trippers/musicians/shamans from throughout history and using only a puzzle piece of each person to build your own unique story that embodies every aspect of ultimately... Everything. It's to this magnitude I have described to you this one key process I use when writing music and I haven't even touched on a synth or a kick drum yet... 


Where do you collect your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from reflecting, learning, and growing among all the futurists, pacifists and forward thinkers around the world who excel in their own unique craft. They do it from the good inside themselves and for the good of mankind in leaps and bounds. I may not have much cash but I can assure you that my inspiration bank account is always chock-a-block. Every experience or piece of information that is given by time, space, matter, vibration, frequency, mind or imagination is siphoned through a paradigm of calibration filters. One of those filters is a musical inspiration filter and I have it permanently set to a high sensitivity rate.

Tell us about your label Smash Bang Records?

The label was founded in Melbourne, Australia, approximately 10 years ago by Luke McD and Ehsan Gelsi who handed me the reigns in 2011. Now about to hit 2015 Fergus (Warwick Ferguson) and myself have put in a lot of effort in our aim to make Smash Bang Records one of the leading authentic electronic music labels in the country. It’s a label not based on business ethics, but a platform for the electronic music community, and cats thorough of exuberant groove. 

With no musical boundaries, we are aimed to unify with our future groove tribe. At the moment we are simply an accessible platform, or stepping stone, made available for artists who are ready to break on through to the next level of releasing music as an artist. There is an extensive community who's sounds, souls and visions have helped to create this family. It is an honour to exist among musical unity, not only with people who I have lived and experienced so much with already, but the unity within everyone driven by creativity. Everyone who has played a role in the existence of this vision and every other vision that unifies one true vision. 

Favorite local up and coming artists?

Firstly, my deepest apologies if I have accidentally left you off this list, it's the first one I've ever done and I'm sure the next one will have a whole new bunch of inspiring up and coming artists in it. Not to mention the communal importance of every aspect of this particular tribe that we are, including the mountain of inspiring and excelling human beings that live, breathe and groove within. To all the DJs, well established local musical acts, household names, gatherings, festivals, mentors and shamans that I could be making a list of too (you know who you are)… 

Here is a short list of musicians that I have been significantly touched and inspired by through ways of musicality and integrity, with love, dedication, articulation, passion, poetry and sacrifice. These guys, I believe share a similar vision and have crafted their special incredible abilities on their own two feet and continue to do so. I have narrowed it down strictly to the up & coming producers/music makers;

0point1 (my older brother) Jules David, Fergus/Oddphonic, Augmented, Wasabi, Funkform, Maxi Basshead, Smilk, Ryanosaurus, Storm, Retza, Planet Jumper, Griff, Altruism, Ark-e-tech, Matt Waters, Leoch, Muska, Daktari, Louis Emile along with two overseas artists in particular, Magnanime from Canada and Ramacod from Spain. Much love to you all.

Finally, how/where was the podcast recorded?

This podcast was recorded live at Subsonic Music Festival December 2014, playing a set of all original music on the Paradiso stage 4:30pm Friday afternoon using my beloved Tascam recorder.


1. Dersu Uzala - Under The Thunder (Timmus' Fresh Life Korobbery Mix) (Paridiso Edit) (Buxton Records)

2. Tiny Tiny - Take The Time (Timmus Remix)  (Suckmusic) 
3. Uone - Sao Paulo Groove (Timmus Remix)  (Heinz Music)
4. Timmus - Probono In Glacie House (Original Mix) (Out soon on Vapour Recordings)
5. Timmus - Millionairs got minimal cares (Original Mix)  (Out soon on Anarkick Records)
6. Timmus, Luke McD, Petter - Give it a crack (Original Mix) UNRELEASED
7. Timmus - Matter Seed (Original Mix) UNRELEASED
8. Timmus - Misletoe Pinga (Original Mix) UNRELEASED
9. Storm vs Green Meter - Memphis eve (Timmus' skat-quirk remix) (Out soon on Smash Bang Records)
10. Timmus - The Good Times (Original Mix) UNRELEASED
11. Ark-e-tech - Triptamean Dream (Timmus Remix)  (Out soon on Bassic Recordings)
12. Timmus - Visions of a swingtime paradgm Pt. 2 UNRELEASED


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