You originally started off producing psy-trance what brought on the switch to house music?

Yea I started producing psy when i was 13 years old, on fruity loops ! I watched the scene and the music change dramatically between the age of 13-19. This new over compressed,over produced sound started to evolve which to my ears sounded more like sped up electro than Psy-trance. I quickly got over it, quit making Psy and had a break for a few years until i moved to Berlin to find my sound again in 2011. It was there where i discovered Deep Tech house.



Tell us about your studio setup?

My Native Instruments Maschine Studio is the centre piece of it all. That’s where i start every track. Its just really easy to punch a beat out quickly and get the ideas out of your head straight into the project.


I also have a Virus TI2 Desktop synth which i used a lot in my Psy-trance and deeper tech productions. A Novation 25SL MK2 Midi keyboard, a novation Mininova which is a great little simple synth but don’t really use it much at the moment, and I just bought a new MOOG Sub37!!! …so haven’t really left the studio for a week now due to that.


Do you have a certain way you approach each track you write or is it different every time? 

Like i said, i would usually start with a beat straight out of Maschine just to get an idea out. As soon as i got that happening i would create a bass line, maybe some vocal chops then depending on where i wanna go with it maybe some synth chords/stabs. i would work on that for hours, making different variations out of the collection of instruments then build a track from that. I try to get the whole basic structure of the track down in one sitting then spend maybe 2 more sittings completing the track. If i spend more time than that my mind starts to wander, i’ll change up parts in the song and it ends up a big butchered mess. Also I like to save the mixing down on a completely different day when my ears aren’t fatigued from producing.


The Byron scene seems to be gaining a lot of momentum at the moment, is there anyone we should keep an eye on? 

Yea the scene up here is thriving at the moment. There’s a good handful of us really trying to push the sound and people are absolutely loving it. A few crew to keep an eye on would be Daniel Webber from Essential Intentions & Bizzare Garden festivals, Samy K from Club Raiders and Chris Bradley from Atypical.


Any releases coming up?

Yes, I just did a Remix for a duo "Klub Knight” which should be out later in the year and am working a new EP which ill send off to a handful of labels i think would suit the sound.



Where can we check you out in the next couple of months? 

I’ll be doing my regular gigs up here in byron at LALA Land, The Beachy & Northern. I Am about to play a festival down south in Coffs Harbour called Immerse, the Big Pineapple Festival up north in Noosa then am planning to fit in a trip to Melbourne and hopefully line up some gigs down there so you may be seeing me very soon


Felix Da Housecat - What Does It Feel Like (Röyksopp Return To The Sun Remix)
Jey Kurmis, Nukov & Yelmet - Not Too Flabbeh (Original Mix)
Lauren Lane - Diary Of A Madwoman (Original Mix)
The Deepshakerz - Unbelievable (Original Mix)
Serge Devant Always On My Mind (Original Mix)
Kevin Knapp, Mat.Joe - Q & A (Original Mix) 
Balcazar -everynight 247 (catz -n dogz remix)
Hugo - Something Something (Original Mix)
Doorly - The Illusionist (Original Mix)
Natch & Dothen - Supaman (Original Mix) 
Jey Kurmis - Lil Nic French (Original Mix)
Yass - Get Some (David Penn Remix)
Patrick Podage, Nikola Kotevski - Fishermaetteli (Original Mix)
Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass (Alexkid Remix)


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