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Thanks for putting your podcast together for us Jim, what vibe did you go for with your recording?
Thanks so much for having me. I’m really stoked to be doing this with you guys.

I usually enjoy podcasts that are musical and interesting enough to actually listen to the whole way through. I don’t really think DJ’s necessarily need to reproduce what they would do in clubs in a podcast.

This mix is quite chill. It’s deep, groovy and warm for the most part. It gets a bit dubby in the middle and features a bunch of released and unreleased tunes of mine on Bassic Records, Upon Access and Build It Records.

I suppose it’s the kind of mix you might chuck on while you’re sitting around with your pals after a reasonably sized night out.

somersault 2


You’re the 3rd member from the Bassic Records crew to do a podcast for us, How did you get involved with Ziggy's label?

Ziggy….. What a guy. He has to be the most ambitious, passionate, connected and organized 22 year old I know. He’s also a top shelf dude and gun DJ to boot. He’s been a huge part of my development as an artist and I’m really stoked to call him a good friend.

I started talking to him after my first label releases last year. We chatted online for quite a while before we finally met in person at Dragon Dreaming last year. We had a crazy time at that festival and shared a barrel of lols.

Since then I’ve seen him pretty regularly at various festivals and out and about in Sydney.

At the beginning of the year we released a track of mine on Bassic called Sinking. In March I’ve got another EP coming out on Bassic with some really massive, talented artists doing the remixes. Can’t say anything at the moment about it at the moment though…..

I’ve got great faith in Ziggy and Bassic Records and can’t wait to see what happens for them in the next few years

Whats the process when writing a Somersault track?

I don’t really have a definitive writing process that I follow. They come about in a few different ways. Sometimes a tune stems from mucking around with presets on a synth. I’ll find a sound I like and record a bassline, chord progression or melody and then build from there. Sometimes those initial ideas will sit on my hard drive for a year before I look at them again. Other times I’ll have an idea for a bassline cooking in my head for weeks before I manage to sit down and turn it into a tune. Other times I’ll be really inspired by an experience and try and materialize those feelings so that other people might feel the way I felt when writing the tune.

After I’ve got my ideas down and a nice groove happening I’ll start to work on little details and organizing those ideas into a 7 or so minute tune. After that I’ll have a really critical mix and try and get everything sounding warm, clean, big and tight. After that I’ll burn a CD, grab a notepad and go and listen to the mix in my car, in the driveway. Usually then I’ll change a few things and send it off to mastering.

One thing I’m trying to do at the moment is reduce the amount of time that I spend on a tune because I usually start to dislike the track and start being overly critical after too much time in front of the computer.

What is your main tool used in the writing process?

I use Ableton as my DAW. I’ve been using it for years and the idea of learning another DAW is a little too overwhelming.

I’ve moved away from using VST instruments for my melodic and harmonic content. I’ve got a Virus TI synth which I use a lot. I’ve also got a Roland Juno-06 which I love for it’s chorus effect and reese bass type tones. I usually will have one of those always plugged into my Roland space echo as I love messing around with it to create atmosphere.

Moving to hardware has been a rather frustrating process but the transition has improved my music drastically. It forces you to focus on that one element, record it and move on. I’ll often record a huge chunk of one part of the tune twiddling knobs in real time, sort of like a hardware jam. I come from a bit of a jazz background so the idea of improvising a tune in the studio using hardware is hugely appealing. I’m not quite there yet but I think it will happen eventually.

I spend huge amounts of time programming, editing, shaping and mixing my drums. I use Maschine for all my drum parts. I love being able to mix and edit with my hands on the controller rather than on the computer. I’ve been shown a bunch of Maschine tricks by my mate Gil (Big ups Oscar.Mike) but I only ever end up using it for drums…

I’ve been playing guitar for a long time so I’ve also always got an amp mic’d up and ready to go for adding little bits over the top of my music.

I would love to get a good drum machine and a Fender Rhodes in my studio in the future.

Who are some of your favourite up and coming artists?

I’m a huge Retza fanboy. He’s my favourite producer at the moment. I end up playing at least one of his tunes in all of my sets. His tunes are incredibly musical and rich. They’re all really timeless. Please check him out if you haven’t already.

I also really dig Doppel. His music is really interesting and his sets are always really vibrant and warm. We’ve both got tunes released/soon to be released on Bassic and Open Records. We’re also going to work on doing some collabs in the future. He’s also another top tier gent.

What have you got coming up over the summer?

I’m playing at Subsonic this weekend which is a pretty huge deal for me as It’s one of my favourite festivals. After that I’m going to Japan for a couple of weeks to chill. Then I’ve got a lil tour in QLD lined up and some club dates in Sydney. In between those dates I need to finish an EP for Bassic records and an EP for Upon Access


Projections - Retza
Karma - Stefan Riegauf
Boxer - Kevin Over
The Beginning (Forteba Remix) - Moti Brothers
SMR03 A-Side - Ghiz
The Plunge - Somersault (Build It Records)
Sistema (Khainz Remix) - Sascha Cawa
The Ascent - Somersault
Aqua Shuffle (Forthcoming on Bassic Records) - Somersault
Stampede (Upon Access) - Somersault

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