Tell us a bit about your beloved Buntes Haus crew?

Well basically Buntes Haus which translate to "Coloured House" is an old, shabbily built, fucked up German warehouse in this small town called Celle in Northern Germany. Try to envision a kinda punky building with paint and graffs all over the place that has been squatted in from the mid 90s on. Over the years and with the help of many people who put their blood sweat and tears into the thing it became pretty much a place where people can come and create things like art, music or just hang out and have a junzi. No rules, no regulation - just do shit, hay?! 

I really got in touch with „buntes haus“ for the first time when my friends like daktari started to put up reggae & jungle partys there in 2003. Inspired by them i started to contribute and help out where i could. From 2005 onwards we were throwing partys together within any kind of sub genres and the people loved it.... 

You have to know there was only a shitty discotheque where mainstream DJs played crap pop music out of the charts - and then there was Buntes Haus: providing a genre of music that most of the people that came to the partys hadn't even heard of!

It was amazing to work on something that created an underground scene just because you give the people the opportunity to come to a place where we could provide these music sub genres. I think just pure passion caused us to do it. We never got one single cent out of all the partys we did there. We were all pulling the same weight to support them, to pay rent, power, taxes, and for political protests in order to host them. 

Out of this platform, Daktari, myself and a bunch of other legends, established a crew called Studio29 in 2008. Focusing mainly on 4x4 beats we started to bring techno to town after daktari returned from his first Melbourne adventure. At this point a huge network started to grow between Melbourne and Celle infuenced by the Melbourne techno scene and from our time spent hanging out with Timmus in Germany; and the network has never stopped growing. 

We've been lucky enough to meet so many talented friends over the years. Artists such as Jade May, Louis Tobin, Oblique Industries, Steph Yeah, Gunnar Guess, Rhys Roberts, Andy Kid, Locke & Locke, James Cooper, and my friend Samual have all performed DJ sets or performed live over the years. But of course never forget Timmus who has brought it to the next level (times twenty nine)! hehe… 




Nowadays, due to the fact that some of us moved to different places in the world we stopped organizing raves regularly. Its still a big part of my heart and it will always be… the fact we separated between continents doesn't mean we're not doing any partys, we had a Studio29 party in July and it was great… but for me personally I decided to take a break after 10 years and focus on my new home - Berlin. Pretty sure something new is gonna cross my way soon lifes one "bunter" (colored) circle for me anyways hehehe.

Berlin has already given me the chance to meet an amazing crew of party animals called The "Peilhorn" Crew. They invited me over to help organise the 5senses party series with them after a good friend took me to their venue. 

The 5senses parties were 5 illegal raves in a venue in the city (next to alexanderplatz for all who've been there) right behind the city townhall with great line up including Acid Pauli and one of the Sysiphos DJs Leonlicht. 

The location was a secret until the last second whereby people who had subscribed to a mailing list received the coordinates. Then when you got there, there was nothing, well nothing but an old man standing on the street. If he thought you fit the bill (and weren't cops) he'd point you in the right direction. By the third party, they were so big you didn't need the old man any more, all you had to do was follow the Berliners. 

Each party hosted a different sense from sight to touch to sound, the decor and the performances were amazing and the professionalism of the whole crew, the amount of effort in the details made it very special! Very special! 

With 6 floors on 2 levels with dub, techno, breaks, live music and performance it was amazing to be part of! Now the place has been knocked down and its all gone but the memories will never die! But it also might be one of those old cases: if you can remember it, you weren't there!



You recently moved to Berlin, how are you liking it?

I moved to Berlin straight after coming back from Melbourne in April last year. It's been great so far… hard to describe the vibe… once you have experienced what i call "The Berlin way of being" you'll never get off it… 

There's so many different walks of life and past life's in Berlin. Everything is a fusion, you have nationalities from all around the world. You have the art, the music. And then you have the history. The barrier between the creation of an idea to the completion of a physical model of that idea is nonexistent. Everything is possible, people think differently and what people manage to pull off with very little money goes to show the power of unity, the power of the people: The dreamers and believers. It's a playground, a melting pot of craziness and creativity! BOINGG! 


Favorite club in Berlin?

I actually go fucking everywhere the bass shakes! I don't really have a favourite club… I like Sysiphos, Kater Blauzzzer... music is always good at Chalet, Heideglühen, Ipse, Club der Visionaire (which translates to Club of the Visionairies is right next to Ipse - pretty fucking awesome hahaha)… just to name a few… but there are so many clubs, backyards, warehouses or clubs I haven’t even checked out yet. Still searching for a playground that suits me the best I think its because sometimes you go out in Berlin you’ll find yourself booging at a doof under a bridge with your crew and you'll be like… YAUZZZZER, BOING, BOING!

How would you describe your dj sets?

After playing gigs with my brother from a different mother Hannes Kregel (Studio29) under the name of Smif&Kregel for 3 years I started this new project with Locke from Locke & Locke called HEADS END a few month ago. Would say after being to Melbourne and mostly being under the influence of the many DJs I met at Killing Time such as Mimm, Thank You City, Oddphonic and of course MATT WATERS, LIAM WALLER and JADE MAY I changed my style more and more to dubber techno, 120 kinda stuff, groovin' movin' shakin' takin'. While I play more melodic and more synthish, house with Hannes Kregel. For me I prefer the more techier stuff because I get the dance to show my true dub colours. Most of the time at home I listen to old dub and roots reggae to get inspired by the way basslines were designed by people born in the poorest conditions, where through their creativity they could escape.

Anything on the production front coming out soon?

After being a part of Daktaris second latest release called Dub Inferno on Smash Bang Records ( that came out a couple of weeks ago I'm getting more and more stoked about the other projects I am working on with HEADS END at the moment. HEADS END is doing well and we're happy to release a track on the forthcoming EP of Berlin based label on vinyl. ( This is a great opportunity to open some doors to the Berlin dub tech scene. I'm actually starting to focus more on producing instead of playing gigs at the moment.

What do you use to write your music?

Ableton Live normal set up, several VSTs and a lot of piff paff!



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