Tell us about your production setup, what are using to produce your tunes?

I’m just using Ableton on my computer which is way past its use by date. I mostly use the ableton standard plugins but use external ones occasionally (Waves bundle, TAL, minimoog) At the moment I predominately use audio (recording/sampling) to create everything from drums to bass, melody etc. I find it more enjoyable and creative plus I’m not very good at synthesis anyway.


What are your processes when writing new tracks?

Not much thought goes into it, kind of the opposite which is why I think I enjoy it so much. Very in the moment. I don’t really have a process but I’d generally say it starts with a coffee, make a basic drum beat and go on from there. Start to mess around with audio and/or synths and see if something hits. Then run with that idea and see where it goes. I don’t really set out to go in a certain direction it just kind of just happens. Don’t want to limit the possibilities that way I suppose.


Where do you collect your inspiration?

From listening to others music and hearing it when I go out. Wanting to re create it or make my own version of it. Hearing ideas and wanting to mesh them together. Inspiration from learning and discovering new things.


What have you got coming up for the summer?

Got some regular gigs which is awesome and working on a whole bunch of music.


Favourite local up and coming producers?

There is so much talent here it is outrageous. In no particular order Timmus, Damir Smith, Matt Waters, Jules David, Louis Emile, MIMM, Daktari, Empath, Andy Ukhtomsky, Augmented, 2DotZero, Hoops, Ark-E-Tech

You are sporting quite an impressive beard. Any advice for the young generation of beard enthusiasts? Grooming tips perhaps?

It's a whole lot of waiting around. Patience is a virtue.

...that's it? No gels, no creams, no stimulants, no special clipper attachments, no positive affirmations, not even a magic dance? I feel like you're keeping something from us

Haha. I gotta stay ahead of the game.

What can we expect from the podcast you have done?

Original/remixes, questionable mixing and bi polar track selection.



Retza - Toucan
Retza - Polar
Retza - Lithium
Retza - Voicemail
Retza - Lands
Retza - Backlog
Retza - Getting Somewhere
Kasey Taylor, Lister Cooray - Departime (Retza Mix) [Lo -Fi 45]
Retza - Projections
Retza - Eta Carinae
Max Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight (Retza Edit)

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