Your first release dates back to early 2008, what has been your favourite track so far?

That was when I was releasing under Kaysh, my sound has changed a lot since then. I haven't really released much officially under Ok Sure yet, one EP a few years ago and a some remixes. I think my favourite tracks haven't been released yet. I'm working on a couple of big projects at the moment which will include most of them….. Potentially even a full length album!

What setup do you have in your studio and how has it progressed over the years?

To be honest I probably used more hardware in the beginning, but I've honed in on my sound with various software based methods i have been focusing on for a while now. However I work in several studios during the week and have access to lots of gear i use throughout my music.



You have a really individual sound, what inspires you?

Unrequited love. 

What does your live set consist of?

At the moment my live set up consists of Ableton, live keys and my vocals.


Cats or dogs? discuss? 

I admire cats 'whatever' attitude, their whole demeanour sits well with me, however I do enjoy dogs enthusiasm and ability to always seem happy, which generally puts me in a good mood. I am very fond of both species and I honestly can't choose if I'm a staunch cat or dog person, I think it really depends on the dog or cat in question. 

You recently played at Rainbow Serpent festival, tell us about the experience.

That was pretty amazing, it was my first Rainbow so the whole experience was new and scary and exciting. It was a pleasure to play on that sound system and my rent a crowd of babes were pretty impressed, one of them even cried she was so proud. It was a great weekend.


What’s in the future for Ok Sure?

Well I was planning on releasing an album independently this year but some things have changed. I'm fortunate to have a management team working with me now and we are working towards some pretty big things, most of which you will see by the end of the year. One thing I can tell you about is that I have signed a single to Chameleon Recordings which is owned by techno maestro Steve Ward, very excited about that. Other than that just focusing on making lots of music on my own and with other artists and as always trying to figure out who I really am…. Like am I a dog person or a cat person?

What is the idea behind the mix you have done?

This mix is all original or remixes I've done. Some tracks are from a couple of years ago, some are new, some are released, some will be released soon, some are free downloads and some will probably never be released. All pretty downtempo ranging from 80bpm-110. Some of it's mixed, some of it's blended, some of it's vitamised….


Ok Sure - Dragons
Ok Sure - F Y M F
Ok Sure - Third Eye
Ok Sure - Tribes (Slo Jam Sitar Mix)
Ok Sure - Ardor
Ok Sure - Lucid
Ok Sure - Controls (Ok Sure's Out Of Control Space Jam)
Gravity Feeder - Magneto (Ok Sure Remix)
Ok Sure - Xylo
Ayden Vice ft Special K - Gotta Run (Ok Sure Remix)
Heart Beach - House (Ok Sure Remix)
Ok Sure - Feeder

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