What is the idea behind the mix you have done?

Just a few quirky groovers i put together on a rainy afternoon. Bit deep with a funk injection.

You have collaborated a few times with local legends, Planet Jumper, how do you like the process?

We’ve done the two Funkolaboration EPs, but we never actually got into the same room together; Just sending each other parts. Steve and I sorted this out recently and I spent a couple of days over in his studio playing around with his vintage sound weapons so hopefully you'll get to hear the outcome of that pretty soon.



Do you have a specific musical direction you are taking in the studio or is it a more organic process?

Usually I'll just spend a few weeks throwing down ideas, experimenting with new sounds etc, then wittle that down to the fetus of a few tunes. I always work on three or four tunes at the same time and alternate between them pretty quickly. Keeps the buzz going.

Favourite gig so far?

I'd have to say our first ever live set as Oddphonic. It was in the revolver front room with Steve Ward, Thankyou City and Planet Jumper. We had a few technical problems, and we've played to bigger crowds, but just the fact that it was the start of something new for Me and Craig made it pretty damn exciting.



Tell us about your studio setup?

I'm using Ableton, with Push, 25 key midi keyboard, a Blofeld Modular Synth and a Korg R3. Our live setup can range from all of that gear, through to just The Push, depending on space and if were able to soundcheck etc.


Nivek Tsoy - Pull Some Shapes (Fergus' Edit)
Dubnoise - Organ
Anton Bajene - Slow Motion (Toygun remix)
Consoul Train - Roses (Liva K remix)
Nivek Tsoy - Kicks 
Kevin Yost - Don't Know what else to say
Marcus Fix - GOD
Biatlone - Fascinated (Dave Pad remix)
Tiger Stripes - Lonely Girl 
Martinez - Pygmalion 
German Brigante - Sooner or Later (Oliver Giacamotto remix)
Kim Kemi - Back Home (Demir remix)
Thierry Tomas - Keep you Happy (Dave Pad remix)
Luca Doobie - Three Sharp Knocks (Fergus's Didge edit)
Pagano - Blues in my Name
Pr. Morriarti - Mystic Smile
Romanthony - Bring you up (PBR Streetgang remix)


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