First of all, why MR PITIFUL?

MR PITIFUL is the name of one of my favourite Otis Redding Songs, i also play under different aliases such as Downtown Charly Brown, Dee Five, Sleazy Roots (with live band) and under my real name Charles Eddy.

The song goes:  "Call me Mr Pitiful, baby that's my name now, they call me Mr Pitiful, that's how I got my fame"
Also there are way too many djs out there taking themselves too seriously! I've got the chance to play the music i love for people to get down to!! And i get paid for it, seriously!!! Life is too good! Wake up!!

I take what i do very seriously but having some humour on it just makes it funkier!!!


What is the idea behind the mix you have put together?

The idea behind the mixes (I’ve done two!) is to break the barrier of the tiring debate analogue vs digital.

The first one "Digital mild" has been recorded with traktor and chugs with an Allen & Heath xone 92 mixer which you could call the perfect digital set up, i've recorded it with a festival state of mind travelling through deep techno with atmospheric pads and rolling bass lines

The second mix "Spicy Vinyl" has been recorded with 2 technics sl1200 and an E&S Djr400 Analogue Rotary Mixer, keeping it in the same sonic vibe but a bit darker and minimal maybe…

I've done it this way cause I'm tired of hearing dj's pro vinyl or pro digital, this is a way to let everyone know my position about it, i think we can find some good in both and yes even if the equipment you use will change the way you play and express your mind through it, it doesn't mean one is better, i guess you just have to experience both and find where you're comfortable.

At the end of the day the important thing is your dance floor, no matter what you use!



Originally from France, tell us about the club scene over there and what it was like to grow up surrounded by so many influential artists in Europe

It's hard to say now as i've been in Australia for 8 years now, i had a glimpse of it touring back there last summer and the scene evolve toward a "general" worldwide scene you see there the same artists than you see here! The only difference is that most of Parisian legends still lives in paris or around, when i came here in 2007 i remember how special it was to have international here but nowadays, just last week end, we had DJ Tennis, MCDE, Four Tet and so many more around town, there is no difference now between Australia and Europe!

Back in Paris i must say i've been very lucky, the scene used to be very soulful, lots of hip hop, funk soul disco, NY Garage and Deep House.

One of my closest friends scored me a job in my favourite record store, 12INCH Records in Paris where i had the chance to become very close to plenty of artists such as Dj Deep, Franck Roger, Llorca aka Art Of Tones, Dj Vas just to name a few and opened some important gigs and residencies for me. (Rex Club, Queen, Les Bains Douches, Le Bataclan, Djoon)

It obviously had a big impact on what i play to date and and my style, being bred into that industry playing all genres it's very hard for me to stick to one now, playing deep techno at festival like Matreya and Strawberry fields but also playing hip hop funk and disco at places like Section 8, Howler... But what i like the best is to be able to blend all genres during one long set which i usually do during my weekly party MPMA (Mr Pitiful Musical Adventures) at Glamorama in Fitzroy.



You've made yourself at home in Melbourne, Australia. What brought you over and do you like it here better? Haha 

In 2007, 24 years old, i was quite bored with the Parisian scene and attitude (probably also had a big melon at this time! haha) and felt like i had to go experience the overseas scene! I left with my best friend, a bag of records and 500 euros on a 1 year around the world trip!!! After a year travelling and playing around the globe (India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S). Coming back to Paris after a year, my mind was set and it only took a few months for me to come back here with 1 plan: stay in Melbourne!!!

What made my decision was The Good People i met in Melbourne, every one here is chilled, open minded and non judgmental, the last one was a big one for me coming from Paris where our favourite sport is to seat at terraces looking and talking about people! hahahaha


What differences have you noticed between the nightlife in Melbourne compared to Paris?

The way People party!! Big Time!!! I will always remember Max Vegas offering me my first gig in Melbourne at St Jerome's in 07, i walk into this bar that i couldn't compare to anything i've seen before and people were going off!

Dropping my first track, i witness people grabbing crates, climbing on tables and chairs and the more i played the crazier they went jumping, singing along... I looked at the scene keeping it mind it was my first gig here and i told myself: "If it's how we do it in Melbourne, i want to live in Melbourne" and that was it

Apart from that, the scene is pretty similar I guess, I think Paris would be more influenced by the soul of NY and Melbourne by the Tech of Berlin even though it changed a lot the last few years (Paris is becoming a big Techno city while Melbourne is on top of Disco!


Who are your favourite local and international artists at the moment? Any newcomers you've got your sights on?

Here is the tricky one!! There are always way too many to name and I’m kind of often disappointed by international artists!

Put it this way, most of the internationals are very talented musicians, producers, record makers but the industry we live in doesn't pay them for their music so they are touring as a DJ which i understand and support but on the other hand you've got lots of talented djs that end up in the shadow because they don't make music. To be honest I think the Melbourne local scene reached a very high level and has nothing less than any international acts!

Locally Melbourne’s got too much to offer in too many genres for me to take a pick and I also have so many talented friends around that it would take pages to shout every one out! hahaha

Let say that my local pick as DJ in 2015 was without a doubt Max Vegas who destroyed every dance floor he played at!! (Also got a duo project with the man called Linkosono (and looking forward to our 2016 adventures)

Two Local acts that really impressed me in 2015, would be Mood Machine and Child, the boys are really getting stronger in their production and the layout of their respective acts, refining their music and energy for the dance floor!!

And my international DJ pick would be... hum... Probably Sadar Bahar who made me shake my ass all night at The Toff with Andy Frost and J'Nett, what a musical journey he took me in!!! Also with no surprise hahaha The one and only KINK, he is the boss and if you don't know him yet, jump on the inter web and do yourself a favour....


Where are your upcoming gigs and is there any production in the works?

Lots of work, gigs and production coming up indeed, the year started very well with my very own party MPMA at Glamorama every Sunday, some more Railway hotel gigs coming up, the usual gigs at Section 8, might squeeze an european tour if everything is alright around the end of august, more work with my band Sleazy Roots with the incorporation of live drumming and sequencing during our sets and the production of our own tracks should birth very soon, also working on a few dj duo with Johan Engstrom as "The Street Player", Linkonsono with Max Vegas and "Vanilla Plum" with Dj Cut N' Paste.

Will be around a few festivals this summer and i'm really exited about that!!

Production wise i hope to finally finish and released a few this year, which would come under different aliases and be different genres as well

Hopefully 2016 will be rich in projects, gigs and production!! It's all about music!!!



Baba Stiltz - Palats
Perching Boys - Power
Macromism - Break The Cage (Alli Borem Remix)
MUTation - Everyone Is Creative
Minilogue - Ahck
Funk D'Void - Diabla (Christian Smith and Wehbba Remix)
Green Velvet - Preacher Man (2012 Rmx)
Raudive - Anyone here?
Pan-Pot, Cari Golden - Captain My Captain
Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Hyptnotica Remix)


Nico Purman - Euphrasia
Steve Ward - Invisible Papercut
B'Utiza - Baphuma Ezulwini (Christian Prommer Remix)
Daniel Avery - Knowing We'll Be There (Kink Remix)
Mathias Kaden - Myal
Peace Division - 'Eh Oh Um'
Daphni - Ye Ye
Sidney Charles - Impermanence
Airtech - Navigation
Hide & Seek - The Reason Y
Taster Peter - Bombscare
Maceo Plex - Conjure Balaeria



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