What is the idea behind the mix you have done?

Well I had a few ideas which I wanted to explore when coming up with something for you guys. Eventually I decided to put together a group of tracks that have been working rather well for my outdoor gigs. Over the last few years i've been given the opportunity to play a lot more doofs, meaning I can explore a much darker sound which is where my passion truly lies. So the mix consists of everything from Russian minimal, Indian prog and Brazilian tech.

You’re part of the illustrious Rework crew, tell us how you guys got started?

So a number of us were running a small party called Killcouture at Room680 and the Royal Melbourne Hotel about six years ago. Nothing massive, just a place where we could play the music that we love to a crowd filled with our closest friends. Kenan Huric, Damir Smith and I had also started playing at our now home ground of Killing Time, which became such a positive place to nurture our sound in. It was at that point where our fearless leader Kenan came up with the Rework concept and threw our first party at KT. From memory I think the lineup consisted of Fergus, Timmus, Kenan, Damir and myself.


What is your first clubbing memory?

Well my cousin used to work at the infamous Salt nightclub in South Yarra so one night when my parents were out he snuck me in through the back to show me round and have a couple of drinks. I have no idea what was on or who was playing though. Pretty sure I was 15 or something like that. Another big one is going to Metro underage (gross, I know) and being blown away hearing Dark Monks – Insane (Steve Murano remix) on a big system. That moment really sticks out for some reason.

Any plans to get into production?

Definitely want to get back into it. One of the most influential people in my life has been Fred from Closer Apart. When I started getting production lessons from him around 4 years ago, he distilled a lot of teachings which I not only used when producing, but in my life as well. I have a lot to thank that man. Unfortunately life got in the way and I was not able to be in my studio at all. Having recently got a new place though, the studio is back in action. Just need to pick Retza’s brain now…

Any local acts we should be checking out?

Obviously Retza and the rest of the talented Rework crew (Damir Smith, Kenan Huric, Marcus Holder, Stevie Eastwood, Tim Tyler, Daniel Dixon, Kultrun, Bob Anton & Matt Waters). I’m a massive fan of John Baptiste & Alex Sasha’s project 'Khatapillah'. Those boys are doing some amazing things and have been on heavy rotation in my sets including in this mix. Also the Depth boys who have just moved down from Cairns, Toby Boston & Baksta. Expect them to make some serious waves this year.

What are your plans for the future?

We have heaps in the pipeline this year. Our Rework Podcast series is going from strength to strength with a bunch of Internationals and locals scheduled in for the coming months. Currently working on touring a few internationals (stay tuned). Continuing our run of parties at Revolver, Killing Time and our fifth birthday celebrations.  And finally, continuing to support Retza’s quest for world beard domination…what a guy



Emilxe - Heureux (Original Mix) - Shinocs Music
Weekend Heroes - Errorist (Original Mix) - Tulipa Recordings
Sunju Hargun, Forrest - Time Bomb (Original Mix) - Turbo Recordings
Jeremy Urbano - Cold Beer (Original Mix) - My Little Dog
Salero - Save (Original Mix) - Be One Records
Matan Caspi - Like A Fox (Original Mix) - Outta Limits
Maksim Dark - Basserwiser (Original Mix) - SCI+TEC
Kohra, SHFT - Magma (Original Mix) - Blindfold Recordings
NERVO - Haute Mess (ANNA Remix) - Ultra
Gabriel Moraes - Chaoes (Original Mix) - Tiles
K.A.L.I.L - Henna (Oridinal Mix) - Electric Ballroom
Shaun Baker - What's Left To Say (Khatapillah Remix) - Smash Bang Records


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