What vibe did you go for with the podcast you have put together?

I had a few older tunes that I've had for a while that I've always wanted to include in a mix (the Morgan Geist track was one of the first house tunes i bought on vinyl, still one of my favs!) so I started there and selected tunes around those that worked nicely. I'm a big fan of harmonic mixing which allows different styles/long mixes to work (hopefully).


How did you first get into DJ'ing?

My first club experiences when i was 16 or 17 was at The Globe in Sydney (still one of the best clubs I've been to!) I used to sit at the booth and watch the residents Illya, Somatik and Frenzie do their thing and it just blew my mind! A couple years later around 2001 a friend and I came across a guy giving free turntable lessons for a youth project so i bought decks and haven't looked back!

You put out your first track last year on Suckmusic, any plans to release any new material in the future?

Definitely! Spending quite a bit of time at the moment honing my sounds rather than just trying to get something released for the sake of it. I have a few tunes fairly close though so would love to do an EP sometime this year!

Who are some local talent we should check out?

There's so much talent in Melbourne... On the production front though- Retza, Luke Vecchio, Jaybee, Louis Emile, Junq Dub, Peruw are all really exciting to watch plus so many more i can't think of right now haha

You’re a pretty busy man being booked all over Melbourne each weekend, what are some of your favourite parties to play?

Always love Circus Sundays, such an up-for-it crowd and an awesome crew! The Trust parties are some of the best I've played at. Everything Vision Hound are doing is magic and of course our crew Boogie Beats have put on some wild parties!

Where can we catch you in the next few weeks?

17/7 New York Cats @ The Carlton
22/7 Winter Boogie @ My Aeon
11/8 Boogie Beats @Disco Volante
Circus Sundays every couple of weeks


Traumer - Two Heads
Doubtingthomas - Object of Destruction
Lee Burridge - Here's Johnny (Lazaro Casanova Rainy Night Mix)
Helmut Dubnitzky, Jackspot - HIO
Hugo - Little Helper 226-3
Hooved - Newyorkesi
Sammy W, Alex E, Dubfound - Fen (Massimo Cassini Remix)
Right On - Träne
GoldFFinch - SixOneSix
Ron Costa - Coluka
Extrawelt - My Stupid
Tune Yards - Bizness (Michaelis Rmx) (Unreleased)
Morgan Geist - Cash Tantrum
Gruuve, Ka Mau - Know Thyself
Rampa - Trust
Rick Sanders - Plasma
Matthias Tanzmann - Reframed (RAR Remix)
Metro Area - Let's Get

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