What is the idea behind the podcast you have done? Can you run us through the process that you follow to create your mixes? 
There were 3 tracks that I particularly loved and wanted to use as the basis for the overall sound of this mix.  With these tracks in mind, I then went and hunted for other tunes that complimented them. The previous mix that I recorded (Quirky House Mix) was more upbeat and housey compared to this one, so I was intentionally going for a bit of a different sound to that one. Once I had a good selection of tunes I had a mix on CDJs, hit record and ended up with this. 

The process varies from mix to mix. Obviously it’s quite different recording a podcast compared with playing in a club as I’m not taking into consideration factors such as venue, set time, the DJs playing before and after me and the reaction of the crowd. For a podcast there’s so much freedom that actually makes it difficult to decide what to do.

When did you start DJing and what or who were your early passions and influences? 

I think I started around about 2010. I had talked about wanting to learn how to mix for a while and then my girlfriend at the time’s cousin inspired me to take it up. He set me up with 2 turntables and an old Tascam mixer and I went from there. Early influences were mostly local guys such as Phil K, Mike Calendar, Jamie Stevens, Boogs and Spacey.

What was your first major gig and how does the experience differ from gigs you play today?

It depends what you mean by major. My first paid gig was at one of the Darkbeat parties featuring Anthony Pappa in the kitchen at New Guernica. Being my first proper gig I was quite nervous and my execution wasn’t as good as it is today - but I definitely had a great time playing! Now that I’ve got a few years of playing out under the belt, I’m definitely better equipped to handle what the night throws at me than back then.

Any plans to get into producing? 

Yep. I’ve been messing around with Logic Pro 9 for a few years now but I’m yet to release anything. I think I’m getting close but I want to make sure that I’m 100% happy with what I’m putting out. I’ve heard a few producers give advice to young producers and a common theme is not rushing to try and release tracks when you probably aren’t ready. I don’t want to get a track released and then look back in a few years time, horrified with what I have done - haha.

What upcoming events can we catch you at?

You can find me at the following fine establishments over the next couple of weeks.

30/8/15 The Carlton Club

4/9/15 Darkbeat and Mahala ft. Wankelmut - The Railway Hotel

Marcus Holder – 30 second intro
PhonoKemi – Rock So
Aamon – Dreamin
Taron Trekka – Private Sky
Atapy Feat. Sivesgaard - Beating Strong (Bunte Bummler Remix) 
Smash TV – Noise and Girls (Fabio Giannelli Remix) 
Gareth Whitehead, Mia Wallace, Sqyre – Need It
Andrade – My Time
Asadinho – Transgression feat. Natamiq
Dj Ino feat Mc Johnny Def - Take Control (GarcyNoise Lose Control Remix) 
Kate Simko, Derek Plaslaiko – Opinionist
Mild Bang – C’mon (Di Rugerio Remix) 
Tosca - Crazy Love (Tom Demac Remix) 
Moritz Ochsenbauer – Metroland (Fanatico Vocal Remix)


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