Tell us about the podcast that you created for us.

I think mixes are like keeping a diary- I like to listen back on them and know exactly what I was thinking and how I was feeling at that time.

This mix represents a trip I recently made to London. I got to play at an afterhours at Solid Grooves and the guys I stayed with had such a mind blowing collection of records that I had to steal some and make a mix out of it so I can remember that weekend forever.

What are your first memories of electronic music?

When I was 16 I found a girl who looked like me on MySpace and asked her if I could have her 18+ card. I went to a club on the Gold Coast to see Ajax play and it was one of the most significant experiences of my life. After that night I was there every weekend working under a fake name as the door girl just so I could listen to the music then get up and work at the Video Store.

When did you start DJing?

I started when I was 21, back then I was obsessed with crosstown rebels and drop music. On a trip to Europe a few years ago I got to explore different genres and upon my return changed my name to Lola Heart so I could produce. 

You're closely affiliated with the record label Sleazy G, tell us about your upcoming release with them.

I was at a Sleazy G party in Amsterdam 2 years ago, and being as awkward as I am I was too scared to go up and introduce myself to Rob. Instead I promised myself I would write an EP good enough for them to sign. I spent 18 months writing it and never expected a reply. When rob wrote back saying he wanted to sign my next 4 tracks I threw my phone across the room and screamed into my pillow. 

You're originally from Australia what inspired your move to Barcelona?

I came to Barcelona for sonar festival last year and fell in love. This city is my lover; my best friend; my saviour. I went back to Australia and wrote Barcelona on my mirror and dreamed of being back here. I sold 26 years of possessions and bought a one way ticket and knew the universe would do the rest. 

What plans do you have over there for the rest of the year?

I'm actually on the plane to Berlin right now to finish an EP with my amazingly talented friend Oblique Industries (Melbourne).

I also have some pretty spectacular gigs coming up including a castle party in Madrid, a Cosmic Healing festival in Ibiza and Sankeys in Manchester which I am just over the moon about! 

I hope reading this inspires at least one person to venture off into the unknown and follow their wildest, craziest dreams like I am everyday. 



15/8 - HER - Barcelona
21/8 - CITY HALL Barcelona
26/8 - Convento Del Carmen, Madrid
27/8 - Family Affair - Karlsruhe, Germany
28/8 - Coco Beach - Paris
28/10 - Sankeys - Manchester

Traumer - Two Heads
Doubtingthomas - Object of Destruction
Lee Burridge - Here's Johnny (Lazaro Casanova Rainy Night Mix)
Helmut Dubnitzky, Jackspot - HIO
Hugo - Little Helper 226-3
Hooved - Newyorkesi
Sammy W, Alex E, Dubfound - Fen (Massimo Cassini Remix)
Right On - Träne
GoldFFinch - SixOneSix
Ron Costa - Coluka
Extrawelt - My Stupid
Tune Yards - Bizness (Michaelis Rmx) (Unreleased)
Morgan Geist - Cash Tantrum
Gruuve, Ka Mau - Know Thyself
Rampa - Trust
Rick Sanders - Plasma
Matthias Tanzmann - Reframed (RAR Remix)
Metro Area - Let's Get

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