Tell us about the preparation you put into the podcast you have done for us?

I recently had my beloved Technics turntables shipped over from sunny England after messing around for almost four years deciding whether I should buy new ones. After seeing the price tags, I got them sent over a couple of months back and got up to scratch again, especially for this podcast. I bought a load of new vinyl and spent every spare minute I had getting the flow and programming right. The mixing is rusty in places but I wanted to keep it that way instead of trying to get it perfect. I think the track list is a good portrayal of my musical repertoire.

What was it like growing up in one of the electronic music hubs in England?

Its definitely what has educated me more than any other musical experience has. I grew up 10 minutes drive from where the legendary back2basics (who just had their 25th birthday) held their parties at the time. When I first started going to them they were at Stinky’s Peephouse in Leeds City Centre, a dingy three level club with a courtyard which looked like a derelict apartment from the outside. It has now been knocked down and can honestly say I’ve spent some of the best nights of my life in there, around some of the finest DJ’s and producers in the world. 

There’s also Mint Club, who have had Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, Appollonia etc… regularly play there back when I was partying regularly in Leeds between 2007-2012 with the best indoor Funktion One sound system I have ever heard! All the naysayers who say its outdoor only, get yourselves to that club if you ever go to Leeds.


Whats the one thing you miss most that we don’t have in Australia?

Just the fact that I can’t hop on a plane for an hour and end up in Ibiza! Haha

What brought on your move to Melbourne?

I was sick of the English weather to be honest and initially, I came for an extended holiday and ended up liking the place that much that I stayed, and now I’m almost a permanent resident. Definitely no looking back!



What is your production setup?

It’s pretty modest to be honest:

Logic Pro X
2x Mackie MR5 Monitors
Macbook Pro
Novation Impulse 49 key
Presonus Audiobox USB
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones (I swear by these!)
+ an extra PC monitor

Do you have a set work flow when creating a track or is it fresh for each track?

I have a template set in logic so that each time I start a new project, I have my VST’s, plugins and tracks for all drums, bass and keys set up and I try and use similar, if not the same kick drums for each track in order to keep some consistency in my sound.


Any releases coming out in the future?

I have upcoming releases on Amplified Records on the 13th June, Rawsum records (date tbc) and my first vinyl release on Finale Sessions (NYC)

Where can we catch you playing at in Melbourne?

I’m a resident once a month at Tramp Saturdays, Quality Project resident for their DeepnDance parties and also starting another new night with Gav Whitehouse very shortly (more details to follow!)





Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's A Record?
Four Walls & FunkyJaws - 4am
Marsupials - Numbat
Andy Hart - Aquarius
Marsupials - Opossum
Chez Damier - Unauthorized edit
Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats - Mr KS Edit
Baaz - Can't Take It Away
Leonel Castello - When you're jumpin
Steve O Sullivan - Where's Burt? (Delano Smith Reconstruction)
Franco Cinelli -  Watch This
Spincycle - Tide Rising


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