Awesome to have you on board for a podcast, tell us about how you first got into electronic music?

Initially it was albums from Daft punk, Underworld and the Prodigy I heard, but it was really the move I made to Wellington circa 2000 that got me hooked. My first real contact with electronic music was a Drum N Bass rave at Sub Nine. I remember looking around and noticing the variety of people - punks with mohawks - raver types and trendy city cats all under the same sweaty roof raving the shit out of it! After that I guess I just started exploring the many genres there was to offer and seeing Craig Richards play (and blow my mind) I decided I'd learn to DJ. The rest is history!


What inspired your move over to Melbourne?

My move to Melbourne was a leap of fate really - I was enjoying a cozy residency at INK bar at the time (about the only decent club for house & techno music in Auckland)and I just thought if I don’t fuck off now I'll be scratching around here forever! Plus Melbourne has huge scene compared with NZ theres more opportunities and like minded souls.




There seems to be a bit of an NZ contingent in Melbourne, in particular at Killing Time, how did you guys all end up there?

Well, Aaron Stringer and I knew Logan Baker from Auckland who helped Cam during Killing Times inception and hooked us up a gig one afternoon. We must of made an impression because that lead to our monthly party Detuned. As for the rest of em' who knows? Probably the same reason as us. Killing Time’s got soul, its music policy is solid and Cam nivar gave us too much shut about our accint. Birds to a feather I spose.


Your production sound is very clean and lush, What are your main influences?

My Influences are super varied and change around and evolve, but I'd say labels like Kompakt - Rebellion - Pampa - City fox - Innervisions - Bedrock and Dynamic come to mind as taste makers for me. Artists like Michael Mayer, Diggers, Sasha, Dj Koze, Rampue, NU, and Acid pauli have been my idols. With that said I try to follow existential influences when I'm making tunes. Sometimes I'll wake up after being on a dance-floor the night before and just recall the vibe. Not the music or genre or chord progressions or anything like that, just how I felt. How it was. Then try and get that into my DAW

What vibe have you gone for in the podcast you have done?

I went for a deeep and mysterious feel, a bit dreamy a bit melodic with its dark little corners too.



Blond:ish - It Starts Now
Ost & Kjex, Jens Carelius - Easy Feat. Jens Carelius (Lehar & Musumeci Remix)
Hess is More - Yes Boss (Serge Devant Remix)
Spirit Catcher - Closer (Original mix)
Pirupa - Cristallo (Original Mix)
HVOB - The Anxiety To Please (Scuba Remix)
S.K.A.M. - Spiritual Heir (Original Mix)
L U M - Urpillay (Bedouin Remix)
S.K.A.M. - Tibet (Original Mix)
Machino - Lineares Rectas (BAAL * Remix)
Squire, Forrest - Midnight Gardens feat. Forrest (Original Mix)
Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
Laolu, Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu Remix (Edit))




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