What was the main idea behind your podcast?

MINIMAL TECH HOUSE hahaha. To be played LOUD.

What inspired your transition from party goer to DJ?

The transition started about the same time I started becoming more picky with the music I was listening to and the places I was partying. I was sick of hearing crap music and the same shit every weekend. The music in Melbourne's clubs was progressively going down hill, more and more commercial and I hadn't discovered the more underground scene in Melbourne yet.  Thats when I decided I wanted to be the one pressing buttons.

What electronic music first caught your attention?

It was 2005. I was around 14 and going to underages when DJ's were playing a lot of Tiga… Sunglasses at Night, Pleasure from the Bass, Louder than a Bomb, You Gonna Want Me. Electro vibes it was all about. Also James Zabiela - Robophobia. These are literally the first memories I have of electronic music. 

Any plans to start producing in the future?

This year is all about production. I plan to keep my head down, but that's what I say every year. I am adamant to get shit done. This is the year of getting shit done and number one on the list is to learn ableton or logic… maybe both. I don't know which team to pick.  Either way… learn to make music on the computer. Haha.

Favourite gig so far?

There are few special moments but I'd probably have to say Fake Chow in Geelong. It is seriously a wild party. Have played there twice and I absolutely loved it. The crowd are so into it every time. They know whats going on. 

Favourite labels at the moment?

Fuse London, Alboratory, Deep Tech Records, Inmotion Music

There seems to be a lot of up and coming female talent, especially in Melbourne. Is there anyone in particular we should check out?

I just saw Dayle do a set recently at Motion:Theory:Music and the girls got skills. Malou & Eastwoods as well. These are the three freshest on the block and I think they will all do great things. They all have their own style of music they play. The females in Melbourne are keeping it quite diverse.

There is also Bec Tate aka Thoreau. She is a minimal DJ from Sydney. We met in 2012 and we had both just started out. Her sets on soundcloud are amazing. If you want real underground minimal check her out. 

What have you got coming up over summer?

A lot of work. Haha. Getting out of debt! 



Victor Polo - Junami ­ 
Tripio X - Planet Earth ­
Francesco Dinola - Better ­ 
Carmelo Gargaglione - Low Sequential ­ 
Artur Nikolaev - Time Machine ­ 
Bunte Bummler - Behaviour ­ 
Malasombra - Decadence (Lewis Delay Remix) ­ 
Alek Herdz & Rhythm Box - New Look ­ 
James Hutchison - No Disco ­ 
Contune=High - Wet Nightmare ­ 
Ivan Melnik - Party Time ­
B.Cliff & T.Ricci - Pretty Girls ­
Kasbah Zoo & OniWax - Little Helper 156­3 ­ 

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