You are known for your Dub infused techno, What are the processes behind writing a Daktari tune?

Well,... hard to say. It could be anything what inspires me to start a project. That’s the hardest part ^^...Once i have a basic loop ready i jam around and record some stuff . Then i listen a lot to all the parts i created and think about how i would like to arrange them. After that i listen to the tune a lot and send/show a preview version to a couple of qualified friends for feedback and i try to listen to it on a couple of different sound sytems and headphones. When all this happened i wait for a couple of days and see if i am still happy with what i wrote, maybe i change something, everything or nothing and repeat the process :)


You’re originally from Germany but now based in Australia, what brought on the shift from Europe to Aus?

My woman, the people here, sun and bush doof’s :)



How did you get into electronic music production?

Through my friends , they were the ones who gave me samples, programs and most importantly a part of their knowledge. Special thanks to Neil Perch, Tim Streckfuss , Henning Fischer, Michael & Julian Terbuyken.

Favorite venue to play at?

Buntes Haus, Celle - Germany

Any upcoming releases we should know about?

Yup, there are a couple actually. Check out Killing Time Recordings, Open Records and LoFi45 in the future and my most recent one is:


What vibe did you go for with your podcast?

That kind of groovy, techy, dubby, minimalistic, wonky vibe.

Yvo Zanev - Nervous
Solomonic Sound - Freshly Solomonic
Chardan Cal - Another Sleepless Night
Matt Keyl - Poison

Crows Feet - Salad Fingers
Taf - Bring it on (Jessica Diaz Remix)
Dan Noel - Aube Magnetique
Just Me - Little Helper 89-1
Raw Constant - Paranoid Shadow
F.eht - Crazy for You
Daktari - The Wonk
Proudly People & Shaf Huse - Hornz and Dubs
Marcelo De almeida - Terreiro do Paço
Aura Dub - Got to Give
Fluvio Ruffert - Early Reflections
D’Joseph & Fredy - Method



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