You’ve been playing records for a long time now, what keeps you going after so many years?

Music and dj'ing is just such a natural and large part of my life, and always will be. That yearning to find and present new music is the constant thread that flows through my years. I’m still as hungry as ever for that connection between the dance floor and the dj.


What inspired your move back to Melbourne after being based on the Gold Coast?

We really needed an outlet for the Motion:Theory sound and even though the Gold Coast offered us a fantastic opportunity with our night at Elsewhere it was still a place dominated by commercial nightclubs offering rubbish music in an attempt to sell alcohol. I was throwing a monthly party at Killing Time, which I promoted from the GC by the way, and each time it just became more evident that we should get back to the city. With five successful parties under our belt in the last year, I think we can safely say that the Motion:Theory sound is turning people on.


Tell us about Motion:Theory and your plans for the brand in 2015?

I’m excited to say we have a busy few months ahead with our 6th Motion:Theory:Music soiree coming up on the 17th of April with Timmus, Dayle, Rad Stevens, Jedda, Jules David and Katharine - Sunset to Sunrise. Then there’s The Gathering, Coloursound in Newcastle, White Noise, Free Sex and Money and the Winter Solstice in June. We are going to be using a few different venues for M:T:M and you may see a couple of sneaky open air parties crop up somewhere near you.

What was the thought behind the podcast you have done?

There has been some fantastic new music released over the last 12 months. I have gathered a swag of my favourites with a few classic M:T:M pieces thrown in, its a techno/house hybrid, we call it “That Sound”.


You look to be building a bit of techno dynasty with your wife Katharine playing along side you, do you plan to lead your son down the same path?

I am lucky to be married to one of the best female dj’s in the country. Katharine has an amazing ear for quality music and understands dance floor aesthetic. It’s a pleasure to share the stage with her. Eli actually just woke us up saying he needed to practise his mixing, then proceeded to show us a huge drawing he did of a “dance floor with you and me daddy!”.


VENDi - Rises
Vladimir Marinkovic - Midnight Hunter (Overshift Remix)
Jens Bond & Jacob Phono - Affects The Spirit
Third Child - Watches
Julio Portillo - Onur (DisplayFM Remix)
Just Be - Gurdjieff
Polder - Defused
Deneha - Fiasco Here Fiasco There
Audion - Fred’s Bells (Onur Ozur Remix)
Pit Spektor - Miri
Stereoteric - Good Lunch
Deivimal - Deep Beach
Chaim Feat. Jaw - Robots On Meth (David K 'BenZona Remix')

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